Building the Perfect Meringue - Making a meringue is a critical tool in your baking tool set. Before too long the process of making each method of meringue should be second nature such that you can formulate, scale, make, and use them without much additional thought.
Quick and Inexpensive Food Photography - Getting your lighting “right” like a photographer can be extremely difficult and take a lifetime to perfect.  Fortunately, we’re not concerned with perfection.  We just want you to share your work so that the Bake Like a Chef Community can provide great feedback.  Our hope is that the following article will get you to “good […]

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Yelling at Your Staff Works! (But not in the way that you think) - It can be frustrating to lose skilled members of the team or start from scratch only to be left training new team members.  Days are harder and more challenging as you bring your team back to a (relative) smooth operational state.   This may result in more mistakes and rising tensions as staff question hiring decisions […]
Add a Little Knowledge to Your Bread Baking Process, Autolysis. - Learning to bake a decent loaf of bread can take new bakers weeks to capture the basics and a lifetime to perfect. Though nothing can replace working with professional bakers and learning from what they do and how they interpret what they see, there is always room for learning through trial and error. […]
Egg Separating Techniques That Will Save You Time and Money - When separating eggs your goal is to remove as much of the white from the yolk as you can without damaging the yolk (and thus getting yolk in your white). Other than getting the most out of each part of the egg there are some concerns that having any yolk in your white will reduce […]
Selecting and Storing Eggs - Before we get started…a quick note. You are working with eggs and, however sourced, eggs have the potential to make people sick. Take a look at the FDA guidelines for working with eggs. If you plan to serve them professionally and in any volume you are increasing your risk of causing illness.  So what does […]