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Yelling at Your Staff Works! (But not in the way that you think)

It can be frustrating to lose skilled members of the team or start from scratch only to be left training new team members.  Days are harder and more challenging as you bring your team back to a (relative) smooth operational state.  

This may result in more mistakes and rising tensions as staff question hiring decisions and new team members’ ability to keep up.

The Bake Like a Chef Community and Feedback Group

Get access and submit your work!  This group started in October of 2020 but I’m confident that we’ll grow quickly.

When angry, count to ten before you speak. If very angry, count to one hundred.

– Thomas Jefferson

Reacting to a Bad Situation - The Script

Addressing it right now:

1) If you have time, do the following.  Otherwise go to the script 2.

Catch yourself in the moment before you act. Count to 5 and think about the best outcome. If necessary count more! 

Voice the following:

  • Here are the things that went well
  • Here are the things are ok
  • Here are the challenges and where they occurred
  • Here’s how to fix the problem
  • Here’s what I would do differently next time

2) If you don’t have time right now, follow this and use script 1 later.

Voice the following:

  • “These things happen”
  •  Let’s catch up and talk about this [at closing, after rush, at 10:15PM, etc]

Then use the script above

Getting Feedback from Bake Like a Chef's Community (How to shoot a nice, natural light, photo)

We put to together a nice, quick article showing how you can shoot better photos of your dishes in support of getting better feedback.  Normally, we like to keep our episode content together but this felt like a meaningful separation of ideas. 

Check it out here! Quick Natural Light Food Photography.

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