About Us

Baking requires piping the fine line between art, design, and advanced technical skills. Bakers earn their chops through long hours, constant learning and experimentation.  Our ingredients are as delicious at room temperature as they are delicate and unstable.  In short, baking is tough. 

At Bake Like a Chef we believe that learning to bake like a pro shouldn’t leave you with an expense or debt that will add extra burden to your life.  As a baker you need to focus on your craft and serving your customers.  Not how to pay off your school loans. 

Our Mission

To provide professional-level baking advice and instruction that will help you advance your career.

The Team

Bakers, photographers, translators, and supporters.  Our team works hard every hour of every day to bring you the best content that will serve you as you approach your goals.


“Your skills should speak for themselves.”
-Chef Matt Burgess
Bake Like a Chef